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As Bernie Sanders sat there on inauguration day looking like a dad who came to see your soccer game, he struck a chord with the heart of the internet, turning that image of him sitting there in those mittens into everything from Renaissance paintings to popular TV shows.

The Story Behind the Mittens

According to Buzzfeed's Ruby Cramer in the tweet above, the mittens are one of a kind, made by a Vermont schoolteacher and made from reusable materials, which is so wholesome I have a hard time handling it.

Bernie Soprano

I am once again asking for your donations, capiche?

Red Table Sanders

I haven't seen Bernie and August Alsina in the same room, but I also haven't NOT seen Bernie and August Alsina in the same room.

Blue's Clues and College Dues

Can you find healthcare?

Bernie Kenobi

Not only am I confident Bernie would have been on the Jedi Council, but he would have 100% survived Order 66. In terms of Jedi powers, I'm thinking full, Yoda level force mastery, maybe dual lightsaber action, blue of course, maybe force echo like Cal Kestis in Fallen Order, and ok fine I'll stop talking.

Bernie Hits the Beach

Singer/songwriter and actress Bette Midler shared her own rendition with an edit from her 1988 film Beaches. And, honestly, I feel like this is what Bernie wears to the beach. It's cold in Vermont.

Bernie's from the 'Ville?

Bernie adds a little spice to the covers of J Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive, 2 Chainz's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, Mac Miller's Swimming, and Freddie Gibbs' Piñata. This was actually quote tweeted by Freddie Gibbs, but due to his use of profane language and my desire to keep my job, here's the original!

Bernie Joins the Glee Club

Glee fans, you guys confuse me, because you seem to hate the show with a passion, yet love it with all your heart. Are you guys ok?

Bernie Visits the Overlook

All billionaires and no taxes makes Bernie a dull boy...

Skyrim Sanders

Let's be real, he wouldn't be an Imperial or a Stormcloak, he'd probably just be in that chair up at the Throat of the World, talking with Paarthurnax. Nerdy enough for you? I can get worse.

King Bern the Broken

THIS is the GOT ending we all wanted.

New Girl?

She's absolutely right, no one's touching New Girl's guest stars. I mean they got Prince just to do a Chappelle joke, why not Bernie?

Bernie Elessar

Whoever reforged Elendil's sword better be paid at LEAST $15 an hour.

For more inauguration headlines, click here. And I'm sorry for all the dad jokes.

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