Adele's iconic 21 album turned ten years old yesterday, bringing back memories of hearing it on the radio, going WOW, turning it up, pretending you can sing like that, so on and so forth. In celebration of that, let's look at the best songs from this album.

'Someone Like You'

I mean, yeah, duh. With almost a billion streams on Spotify to date, this is Adele's landmark song. In the live performance from The Royal Albert Hall shown above, the crowd actually interrupts her singing the song, and just, finishes the song for her. Which, by the way, went viral as a Tik Tok sound a few months back. I know I don't really need to say it, but the pipes on this woman are heaven sent. If this song has never made you cry, even once, reevaluate your life.

'Rumour Has It'

I feel like people have forgotten about this song, and I'm not really sure why, it goes nuts. I'm listening to it right now, and I'm bopping my head while I write this. Adele was heartbroken when she made this entire album, but coupled her pain with a strong indignance and attitude that made it so iconic. This song embodies the entire attitude of the album, and even ten years later it's well worth your time.

'Rolling in the Deep'

This is what I remember Adele for. I remember hearing this song in my mom's car in 6th grade and just being blown away. Even as an eleven year old for whom the peak of music was Taio Cruz's Dynamite, this song hit hard. This is the song that made me fall in love with powerful female singers. If it wasn't for this song, would I even have SZA, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, or Aretha Franklin in my life right now? Scary to even think about.

'Set Fire to the Rain'

How does one set fire to the rain exactly? I don't really care, because this song, just like every other song on this album, is amazing. I don't need to tell you why this song is amazing. Adele's voice, the instrumentals, the drama created by the song, it speaks for itself. In the words of my friend, Melissa, "Adele just broke up with her boyfriend, this new album's about to slap". Indeed it did, Mel. Indeed it did.

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