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Jen Lilley and Chris McNally are teaming up for a new romantic-comedy on Hallmark Channel!

Sunkissed tells the love story of a New York writer and her Canadian tour guide.

FIlm star Jen Lilley said:

"This one I was like nervous-excited about and now I'm just purely excited about it because it's a comedy-comedy," Lilley said.

She went on to share a little about her character "Kate."

"She's a sassy chick from Manhattan, and she's never left the island, not even to go to Brooklyn or Queens... She's very opinionated."

Jen Lilley and Chris McNally are both Hallmark veterans, which, according to McNally, made the project even more exciting.

"I'm very excited for this because I feel like there are quite a few Hallmark fans that were hoping Jen and I would be paired up to do a show together, and so here it is, and I'm looking forward to sharing that," McNally said.

With so many people quarantining from home right now, Lilley reminds us that this film provides the perfect at-home getaway.

"It's pretty incredible that in a feel good movie, you're giving people escapism, you're making them feel like they're seeing the outside world…from the comfort of their own living room," Lilley said.

You can catch Snowkissed January 30th on Hallmark Channel!

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