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ABC is focusing on diversity and representation on the new seasons of Big Sky and A Million Little Things.

First taking a look at the mystery crime series, Big Sky, three private detectives join forces to track down two abducted women in Montana.

Jesse James Keitel and Dedee Pfeiffer, who play Jerrie Kennedy and Denise Brisbane, teased the puzzling mysteries and groundbreaking representation in the new season.

"Season two picks up right where season one left off. We got Ronald, our big bad, and then he got away, and in the crossfire, our heroes are leaving with some serious injuries, so season two is picking up in the aftermath of that," Keitel said.

Keitel is also making big strides in the LGBTQIA+ community by playing one of TV's first non-binary characters.

"There's a huge responsibility with that, and I feel that, and I think I approach my work that way as well, knowing there may be some grandparents out there who can embrace their queer grandchildren and children after falling in love with a character like Jerrie," Keitel said.

Dedee Pfeiffer also touched on Keitel's important role in Big Sky.

"I'm just really excited to be on ABC's show, who did this [and] brought her on. I love to say in almost all my interviews how proud I am to be on this show with this woman," Pfeiffer said.

Watch Keitel break down barriers in Big Sky, airing Thursday nights on ABC.

ABC's other hit drama, A Million Little Things, is also back with an intense new season.

The show follows a friend group that comes together after one of them passes away unexpectedly, serving as a big wake-up call for them to figure out what it truly means to be alive.

Allison Miller returns as Maggie for season four.

"She's starting a new job, maybe starting a new relationship, and there may be some complications that arise," Miller said.

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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