Andrew Zimmern's New Book

Andrew Zimmern is best known for doing the unexpected, and his new project is just that. A bizarre food eater, a world renowned chef, and a TV star. What else is he up to?

Arthur Kade is one on one with Zimmern to discuss his new children’s book AZ and the Lost City of Ophir: Alliance of World Explorers.

Zimmern has written multiple best-selling books, but he decided to change it up this time with an Indiana Jones style children’s book. Out of all the things he has done in the past 10 years, this is what he is most passionate about.

“Kids learn about anthropology, sociology, math, language, great food seeds.”

Strengthening children and allowing them to believe in themselves is extremely important, which is exactly how Zimmern wanted the book to develop.

“The kids, who save the day, realize they have a better skill set for handling life.”

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods

Throwing it back to what we know him best for, Zimmern talks about being the host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, where his job description is to try unusual, surprising, and unexpected foods.

For the most part, he is excited to do this, but some live up to the "bizarre" description upon tasting.

“Usually then it’s quite surprisingly delicious. Or sometimes you just nod and compliment the chef.”

Andrew Zimmern's new book is already on shelves and going fast, so get your copy today!

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