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Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne's Breakup Reconstructed on Reelz

Breaking The Band: Black Sabbath looks at the glory days and when things started to get out of control.

There is no "Paranoid" or "Iron Man" without Black Sabbath. But did their hot flame burn out too soon?

Breaking The Band: Black Sabbath uses re-enactments and stories told by industry experts to clarify what led the band and Ozzy Osbourne to go their separate ways.

One major factor was the constant out-of-control partying with an endless supply of drugs, alcohol, and women. The band's most famous member, Ozzy Osbourne, would especially partake in the madness. But what might come as a surprise to some people, Ozzy would take a break when his family came to visit.

Biographer Steven Rosen reveals, "Ozzy's wife Thelma came out for a few days to visit... He put aside the booze and the drugs, and then once she went back home, I think he probably pursued all the craziness once again."

Breaking The Band: Black Sabbath will have even more stories about the band led by the Prince of Darkness himself. Check it out Sunday, December 6th, on Reelz.

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