Helen Hunt Joins Daveed Diggs & Jasmine Cephas Jones On 'Blindspotting' | Celebrity Page
An acting legend is joining Broadway vets on an impactful series!

We wish we were in the room where it happened!

Blindspotting is the new STARZ series that picks up where the film of the same name left off in 2018.

According to co-creator and co-star Rafael Casal, fans can dive into this new series without any knowledge of the plot.

"We're coming in six months after the movie. The good news about the show is if you haven't seen the movie, totally fine, you don't need to, you can go back and watch the prequel later," Casal said.

In the new series, Casal's family, including his wife played by Jasmine Cephas Jones, have to move in with his family, which includes Oscar winner, Helen Hunt.

"I stand behind the writers who told us in the beginning they wanted this to be a gift to Oakland and a gift to the families that grew up affected by losing loved ones to prison, so I hope it's that," Hunt said.

The crew also shared their excitement for the series, including Daveed Diggs, who is a co-creator of the series.

"This is a favorite experience I've ever had. It's actually the hardest I've worked and the most I've cared about anything," Diggs said.

Digg's Hamilton co-star, Cephas Jones, also expressed her gratitude to proud to be part of the project.

"It's awesome when you get to make amazing art with people that you care about," Cephas Jones said.

New episodes of Blindspotting drop Sundays on STARZ.

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