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One of the founding members of the Blue Man Group, the Vegas performance arts troupe, Chris Wink, has opened what he refers to as a "psychedelic art house meets a carnival funhouse".

The venue, called Wink World, incorporates lights, music, sound, and visual art to create an experience for the viewer. It has opened in Vegas' New AREA15, an art and entertainment district just minutes from the Vegas Strip.

The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group, of which Wink is a founding member, is a longtime staple of Vegas entertainment. The group, consisted entirely of bald men painted blue in black turtlenecks, is a silent variety show that instead relies on sound, music, and visual effects to create entertainment for the audience. Along with acts such as Penn and Teller, Siegfried and Roy, and Don Rickles, they helped make Vegas what it is today.

It's a fun, but trippy, visual place to experience music, light, and sound" Wink told Celebrity Page TV.

With Wink now stepping a bit outside the group to bring attention to Vegas' new artistic hub, things are looking promising for Wink World, and AREA15!

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