Blue's Clues

The popular children's animated program Blue's Clues had a segment on the ABC's today, with the P standing for "Pride", accompanied by an image of Blue standing in the middle of flags representing a number of denominations in the LGBTQ community.

Why Does This Matter?

Normalization and acceptance has been a long, hard road for those of the LGBTQ community. Gay marriage was made legal in 2015, but there's still work to do. It's important for everyone, kids included, to realize that love comes in all forms, and any form of love you wish to practice is not only acceptable but celebrated.

It also matters deeply because children having the idea that being LGBTQ is a normal thing will both help LGBTQ youth accept who they are in a far more healthy way and normalize the concept to hetereosexual children.

Not the First Time

A number of children's programs in recent years have taken steps towards LGBTQ support and normalization, the biggest of which being Spongebob Squarepants, with Nickelodeon kicking off the start of pride month by formally recognizing Spongebob as a member of the LGBTQ community. Korra, from The Legend of Korra, a spinoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender, was also one of the first openly bisexual cartoon characters on a children's network.

The more characters kids have to see themselves in and identify with, the better, and Blue's Clues is joining the pride party!

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