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Bob is sharing the best fitness tips to cut down those quarantine pounds!

Bob Harper is the OG celebrity trainer!

As the face of the majorly popular NBC and USA series, The Biggest Loser, Bob is now sharing his top workout tips to everyone at home!

"Whatever is takes to get people motivated... and from the very beginning of this lockdown, I've just started being more vocal and visual about my workouts on social media," Harper said.

But now, Bob is going beyond his social media workouts by partnering with NEOU. The celebrity trainer chatted with Ricky Cornish all about NEOU, which offers a plethora of at-home workouts that you can use whenever you like!

"I like having a whole library of different workouts to do. I need options right now, let me tell you, Ricky!"

With summer starting to creep around the corner, the star rounded up his top tips to make you look and feel good.

"Eat clean. Get moving. Feel good. Do the things that are going to build you up as opposed to bring you down."

You can keep up with Bob and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

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