Lawrence Saint-Victor Teases Carter's Growing Relationship With Katie On 'B&B' | Celebrity Page
After a steamy affair with Quinn, Lawrence Saint-Victor is telling all!

The Bold and the Beautiful is keeping things hot!

Lawrence Saint-Victor is bringing the heat as Carter in a cheating scandal with Quinn.

"Carter had his heart broken by Zoe. In his brokenness, him and Quinn bonded. That bond turned to a friendship, which turned into a steamy affair. The whole thing blew up and it's pretty heartbreaking," Victor said.

Since his attempt to keep Quinn fails, Carter ends up looking for comfort with someone else.

"Katie finds out that he really did Quinn. She's going through a similar thing with Bill, as far as loving someone who's just not good for you and then... maybe a friendship forms."

But that new friendship… could lead down a similar path. Since Quinn comforted Carter in his loneliness, could Katie now be Carter's next mate?

"That's a good question and we're figuring it out as we go. They're both taking responsibility for these bad decisions."

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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