Chris Rock recently sat down with U2's Bono on his segment Bono Calling to discuss the future of rap music and how it has impacted his life tremendously.

The Song That Saved Chris Rock

The old meets the new in Bono Calling on SiriusXM's U2 X-Radio, where Bono recently sat down with Chris Rock to talk about the future of rap music and how it is evolving so much in the music industry.

To end the segment, Bono poked Rock's brain as to what song saved his life - to which Rock replied:

"'Rapper's Delight," from Sugarhill Gang, changed the trajectory of my existence."

Bono reflects on Rock's answer, revealing to the channel:

"There's something about rap, it's amazing that it serves language, whichever the language."

Want to hear the full entire Bono Calling conversation? Hear it on-demand on the SiriusXM App (and we'll use it as an excuse for blasting a good SiriusXM station in the car or wherever you are!).

Make sure to tune in to SiriusXM's U2 X-Radio (ch. 32) to hear all things U2!

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