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Actor Brad Pitt has been in the wine business for some time now. After owning a winery creating only rosé for several years, a new champagne rosé is set to be released.

Château Miraval

Back in 2012, Brad Pitt along with his wife at the time, Angelina Jolie, purchased the winery Château Miraval, located in Côtes de Provence. The Perrin family co-own the winery and have been producing rosé for the past couple of years. Earlier this year, Rodolphe Péters was added to the winery to incorporate his expertise on champagne. Thus, a champagne rosé is the final product.

Champagne Fleur de Miraval

Fluer de Miraval

Set to release on October 15th, Miraval's Champagne Fleur will cost a pretty penny with a retail price of $390. After working with Rodolphe Péters, the Perrin family announced the champagne rosé and said:

"We have known Rodolphe Péters for many, many years and, like him, we are passionate about the great wines of the world. Yet, each time we've gotten together to taste fine, vintage Rosé Champagnes, we've come to the same conclusion: We love the aromas that these great Champagnes develop with age, especially when they lean towards Chardonnay, but we often also find heavy aromatic notes from the red wine, which create an overall conflict with the harmony and nobility. This is why we wanted to create a different kind of Rosé Champagne that blended mature Chardonnay grapes with young Pinot Noir grapes."

Now, Château Miraval has become exclusively dedicated to creating champagne rosés.

Look out for Champagne Fleur de Miraval this October.

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