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BREAKING: Demi Lovato Leaks Her Own Song About Breakup

The singer posted the song to social media before her team could officially release it.

Demi Lovato has been going through it. The singer had announced her engagement to actor Max Ehrich after he proposed in July of this year. Two months later, Lovato has already called it off. And now today, Demi leaked a new song as her final word about the breakup.

Rumors had been swirling the past couple weeks about why the couple had ended the engagement. As an added drama, rumors circulated after Ehrich posted to social media claiming that he found out about his relationship status from the tabloids.

Lovato spoke out stating she had made Ehrich aware of the couple's split herself.

Over the years, Demi Lovato has overcome many hardships which have included a dangerous overdose in 2018 and multiple stints in rehab. The one thing the singer claims gets her through it is the music.

This statement was proved to be true last night when she tweeted:

Sure enough, ten hours later... this was posted:

The song which is titled "Still Have Me" is a heartbreaking love letter to the singer herself who reminds everyone that loving yourself is enough. So many questions are still unanswered about the couple's sudden split, but this song may offer a few answers. The single had been written months ago but Lovato updated the lyrics to reflect her feelings, and then leaked it to social media before her team could officially release it for downloads and streaming.

Fans speculated her relationship with Ehrich may be rocky early into their engagement after tweets resurfaced in which the actor had written how he thought Selena Gomez was more attractive that Lovato. Neither have given a clear explanation for the split.

You can listen to the new song on Lovato's Twitter or Instagram and keep an eye out for work on a official release!

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