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From Marvel movies to comedy shows, Martin Freeman can do it all.

Although, the troubles he usually deals with in his action movies are pretty intense, the troubles in the comedy series Breeders is nothing short of easy as two parents figure out how to do that whole parenting thing.

Breeders is an American-British parenting show all about how a mom and dad of two figure out how to take care of them as well as live their own lives. It was created by Freeman where the series loosely follows some real-life stories of his experiences as a parent.

"Being a parent I always go, if you want to be good at it right it's easily the hardest thing you'll ever do that's driving slightly mad," Freeman said to Celebrity Page TV host Jaymes Vaughan.

He said the show is here to help people know "what it is to be a parent or even just a person or the good successful person," even for the people "who are not saints."

Daisy Haggard, the other co-parent in the series who seems to have her hands full loves to stay busy as she is the co-creator as well as the executive producer. She gave her insight on what working with Freeman really is like.

"I'm working with the boss, actually I feel like i'm working with it an excellent actor," Haggard said.

Haggard is a British actor herself, who is known for her roles in BBC sitcoms Uncle and Episodes.

Freeman doesn't stop there, he confirmed with Celebrity Page that he will also be making his way back for Black Panther following Chadwick Boseman death.

"I'm shortly going to have an update with Ryan Coogler. I don't know what kind or what the exact shape of it is going to be, so i'm looking forward to actually making some progress."

Officials have said that Bosemans character wont be recasted in the next chapter of the film.

The comedy continues with the second season of Breeders that airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on FX and streaming on Hulu now.

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