Oprah Winfrey is joining the call for justice for Breonna Taylor in a major way.

Winfrey is stepping aside from her magazine's cover and the late Breonna Taylor.

The Announcement

Oprah Winfrey announced today that Breonna Taylor will cover the September issue of O: The Oprah Magazine. The cover image of Taylor was created by Alexis Franklin, a 24-year-old digital artist. Winfrey believes Franklin "captured the essence of Taylor."

Winfrey wrote in her statement:

"Breonna Taylor. She was just like me. She was just like you. And like everyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future filled with responsibility and work and friends and laughter."

Winfrey goes on to say:

"What I know for sure: We can't be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. And that is why Breonna Taylor is on the cover of O magazine. I cry for justice in her name."

Taylor, 26, was shot dead in her Louisville, Kentucky home in March by police. Her murder created #JusticeForBreonna rallies, receiving support from celebrities calling for the arrest of the police officers officers responsible for her death.

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