Bridgerton, The Official Podcast

Bridgerton fans, brace yourselves. Bridgerton: The Official Podcast is coming February 18th.

Shondaland, the production company that has brought us hit series like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, never fails to surprise us. After the huge success of its first season released at the end of last year, Netflix's series Bridgerton is coming in a new form: its own podcast.

There's one thought that crosses our minds when finishing Bridgerton, the series: We. Want. More.

The podcast will be able to temporarily quiet this need with original content of the series behind the scenes. Producer and TV writer Gabrielle Collins will accompany us in this effervescent journey.

"I'm a period drama freak. I'm taking you inside the fullness of life behind the scenes. The show's brilliant creators are giving us in all access peak."

Along with Collins, there will be new insights from researcher Annabelle Hood, Season 1 writer Jess Brownell and historian doctor, Dr. Hannah Greig. The podcast will focus on every element that made us fall in love with the series: from the way sets were build to new exciting information about the production design.

And we can't wait to hear from amazing cast members like Lady Danbury's actress, Adjoa Andoh....

"I sharpened my wit, my wardrobe and my eye. And I made myself the most terrifying creature in any room I entered."

... Or from the book series's author, Julia Quinn.

"These dukes are all like in their 20s or early 30s, almost all of them are unmarried, ripped, really good looking and none of them have syphilis."

While we wait for Season 2 , we can remember why we fell in love with the series in the first place through Bridgerton: The Official Podcast, coming February 18th on the IHeartRadio app, Apple Podcasts or, as Collins says, "wherever you get your favorite shows."

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