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Court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham III has resigned after years of handling Britney's conservatorship case and forming a relationship with the pop star.

Ingham III resigned after Britney's testimony mentioning how he does not have her best-interest in mind.

She discussed how she and "Sam" had formed a relationship with communication throughout the week. The lawyer previously advised her to not come forward about her conservatorship case and he also failed to perform his duty in informing Spears that she had the ability to request to terminate her conservatorship.

"I know my lawyer Sam has been very scared for me to go forward because he's saying if I speak up, I'm being overworked in that facility, that rehab place that the rehab place will see me. He told me I should keep it to myself.
I would personally like to — actually, I know I've had grown with a personal relationship with Sam, my lawyer. I've been talking to him like three times a week now. We've kind of built a relationship, but I haven't really had the opportunity by my own self to actually handpick my own lawyer by myself. And I would like to be able to do that."

She asked the judge for the ability to select a new lawyer that would not be appointed by the court and after the full testimony Ingham III said that he would resign if that was what Britney wanted.

This is huge news as some sources have been highlighting Ingham's possible corruption in the conservatorship case for years. This view aligns with the #FreeBritney movement and the court possibly allowing Britney to pick a new lawyer will be very interesting as it will be a victory for #FreeBritney and will hopefully lead to change in the pop star's life. Her father may be able to block this as he is still a conservator in this case, so we should all watch closely to see if Britney's case is properly handled in the upcoming months.

Spears' manager also resigned recently after her testimony about the conservatorship which has led the public to believe that those closest to her were not actually protecting her or watching over her at all. With all of these close people not limiting her anymore and Britney taking a very strong stand, this may be the beginning to the end of Spears finally getting her life back and having the freedom to pursue what she wants to do.

Hopefully Britney is free to make her own choices as soon as possible. Make sure to keep up to date with all of the case information, Here.

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