Britney Spears


Britney Spears is finally addressing fans amid her conservatorship drama that has surfaced over the last year or so.

This year has brought to light a lot of things: one being that Spears is under conservatorship as of 2008. Amid this coming to the surface, fans have noticed quite an odd social media presence and have since decoded her every subliminal message. Most recently, she took to Instagram to finally address it directly.

Britney is "FLATTERED"

The cryptic post features a video of Britney dancing ominously in front of a camera for a minute and 34 seconds. According to her, the clip was shot for her Just a Touch of Rose project from last year.

Spears posted a caption along with the post that read in part "Happy to share especially with a world that is empathetic and concerned with my life ... what can I say I'm FLATTERED 💁🏼♀️ !!!"

However, Spears' addressing of the issue was not enough to satiate fans. One Instagram commenter wrote "Every time she's referring to a rose, there's a camera in the bushes behind her. She's under surveillance."

Another wrote, "This is the oddest behavior. Project? I hope you are truly okay girl. We love you."

We hope this queen of pop is doing okay.

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