Ever since Ariana Grande posted pictures with BTS and a picture with the boy-band's very own, Jungkook, rumors have gone around about whether or not we can expect a collaboration among the American pop singer and the K-pop band. Grande recently posted an audio clip from the studio and here's why this could mean a future collaboration:

Audio Snippets From Ari

About a week ago, Ariana Posted a snippet of her vocals. Fans were happy to see that she is creating more music, but what does this have to do with BTS or Jungkook?

A Livestream From Jungkook

On September 19th, a video went live on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, where official BTS music videos and other livestreams of the band are posted. In the livestream, Jungkook is seen in the studio. His vocals are cut out, to keep confidential any unofficial and unreleased songs. Because of the recent livestreams featuring only Jungkook, fans are wondering if they will get a solo mixtape from him.

For a moment in the livestream, when stepping away from the microphone, we can hear Jungkook briefly humming a melody. Towards the end of the video, he steps out of the recording room and bends down to do something and we can hear him singing BTS' recently released single, Dynamite. In the background, however, we hear a female's vocals...I think you know where this is going.

Listen closely...

Fans have speculated that in his livestream, Jungkook hums a melody that sounds very similar to the audio snippet that Ariana posted. When Jungkook steps out of the studio at the end of the livestream, fans think they hear Ariana's vocals ever so faintly playing in the background. You might need to turn your volume up for this one. Although nothing has been officially announced regarding a collaboration, fans have put together many clues that point to a potential Ariana Grande x BTS or Ariana Grande x Jungkook collab.

Rising Speculation

Over the years, Jungkook has expressed admiration for the American pop singer. Jungkook even visited Ariana backstage at her latest Sweetener Tour. For now, ARMY and Arianators alike can only wait for a potential collab.

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