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The hottest rising stars in Christian music headed out to Memphis for an unforgettable night!

Can I get an amen?

The 10th Annual We Love Christian Music Awards celebrated all forms of gospel music. Branan Murphy hosted this year’s show and opened up on the unity amongst the artists.

"Everybody's universal language is music. I'm just honored to be part of the music community. To be able to be here and realize that we're back together and we're in person... that's what this whole thing is about," Murphy said.

Coby James secured a nomination for Best New Artist and shared the passion behind his uplifting music.

"I'm just so stoked to have even been nominated honestly. The community that this kind of award show brings is amazing. I just want to have a lyric that's pushing some passion and a message through that really touches somebody," James said.

Cade Thompson also earned two nominations for Pop Album of the Year and Best New Artist.

"Honestly, I'm so honored to be nominated. Being raised on the music and seeing all my friends up here... and celebrating them... is the best feeling ever because we're all in it together," Thompson said.

Fans can stream the We Love Christian Music Awards now on YouTube.

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