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Soap Opera Digest's Stephanie Sloane chats with us today to tell us about actress Camila Banus' upcoming ten year anniversary of her role as Gabi Hernandez on Days of Our Lives. This week we also get the inside scoop on Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's challenging role playing the pill-addicted Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful.

A Decade as Gabi Hernandez

On October 4th, 2020 it will have been ten years since actress Camila Banus made her first appearance on Days of Our Lives as Gabi Hernandez. The role was originally portrayed by actress Gabriela Rodriguez until October of 2010, when the producers replaced her with Camila Banus to age the character a bit and since then, Camila Banus has played the part.

Looking back on her time working on Days of Our Lives, Stephanie Sloane tells us that she talks about her favorite memories with her cast members. She reminisces about time spent working with her on-screen brother, played by Galen Gering, who annoyed her but she "loves the heck out of him." Along with bonding with the other actors and meeting fans, overall, Banus loves how she is able to play a Latina character so that "younger girls out there can see that there is someone on television that looks like them," explains Sloane.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Playing Pill-Addicted Steffy

Since 2008, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has played Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. In recent episodes, see her character fall into a pill addiction. Wood tells Soap Opera Digest about how she had to gear up for her portrayal of Steffy in this state. Stephanie Sloane explains the actress' challenging time on the show and says:

"Jackie says because of the quick pace of filming, she doesn't have time to get into a dark place and has to tap into her emotions right away because she can't fake it. She tells us that the story has touched her to the core and it's been such an honor to do it. It's a heartbreaking crisis and she is happy The Bold and the Beautiful is having the conversation about it."
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