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Camila Cabello is proving she's truly a bombshell!

After Victoria's Secret put an end to their "Angels" brand, they replaced the iconic line with their "VS Collective," a new board of female powerhouses that features Priyanka Chopra, Megan Rapinoe, Paloma Elsesser, and former VS model Bella Hadid.

While the company goes through major changes, some things stay the same, including their best-selling fragrance, "Bombshell." Teaming up with the brand as their newest bombshell is popstar Camila Cabello, who's also become the face of Victoria's Secret's first ever bilingual campaign.

Cabello says she's thrilled for the chance to help women find their "authentic selves." She says that's what this campaign is all about, stating,

"Bombshell is all about being confident in who you are and celebrating that person—that you’re always worthy of being seen and enjoying everything life has to offer."

Cabello says that her Mexican-Cuban heritage is "core" to who she is. Incorporating the culture and people she loves into her latest work, which includes the VS campaign as well as her upcoming album, has bolstered her confidence. She claims,

"To be able to feel proud and confident to be myself in this campaign, and have it celebrated in this way and on this scale, is incredible."

Courage is important to Cabello. To her, being a "bombshell" means having the courage to be herself on "the good days and the bad days." She explains,

"We’re all human. There’s going to be great days, there’s going to be days when you feel more insecure…but no matter what, you stay true to yourself. It’s about owning your desires, what makes you feel joyful, and celebrating yourself and who you are every day."

Cabello is certain confidence is "all about owning who you are, exactly the way you are, no matter what that may look like." She finishes,

"It takes strength and courage to remind yourself that you are human and are doing the best you can day in and day out."

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