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Every holiday season we look forward to lovable holiday movies - specifically on Lifetime. However, one long critique of their films, besides the acting, is representation. The cookie-cutter feel-good movies have often been, well, cookie cutter. Lifetime is breaking the mold this year producing their first LGBTQ+ film just in time for the holidays.

It was announced today that real life married couple, Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, would be playing the lead roles of Hugo and Patrick in the upcoming "The Christmas Setup."

Ben Lewis is better known for his role on Arrow, and you may recognize Blake Lee from Parks and Recreation.

The film follows their romance as Hugo leaves New York to spend the holidays at hime in Milwaukee where he crosses paths with old crush Patrick. Of course a new job prospect in London pulls him in a new direction as he kindles a new flame for Christmas.

The film is a part of an initiative being made by Lifetime to include more representation in their films. "The Christmas Setup" is the first of their holiday projects to be centered around an LGBTQ+ storyline. Additionally, "A Sugar & Spice Holiday" will be the network's first film to center around an Asian American family.

The two films will have their television premiers this upcoming holiday season as a part of the "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" movie event.

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