Ariana Grande Moves on ... With a Pig

Valentine's Day might be behind us, but stars like Ariana Grande and Halsey are reminding us that love and commitment is still in the air ... and it is displayed in many forms!

Ariana Grande, for example, is topping the charts with her unapologetically vulnerable new album Thank U, Next. Now she's made room for a different kind of commitment: an adopted pet pig named Piggy Smalls!

Halsey's Permanent Relationship with Marilyn Manson's... Face

Halsey is also going through a very public breakup that inspired new music, including her heartbreaking single Without Me. The song shines a light on the infidelity that ultimately led to her split with G-Eazy.

"This record is kinda just about me realizing that it's not okay to give all of myself to someone who isn't going to reciprocate in a naturally balanced way," the singer said in a recent interview.

Even though the couple has called it quits, Halsey is committed for life in another way: she just added a new, larger tattoo to her already impressive collection of tiny tats. Halsey now has Marilyn Manson's face inked onto her ribcage!



Christina Aguilera Xscapes to a new Xperience

If pets and tattoos aren't the kind of commitments you're willing to make, take a page from Christina Aguilera's book and consider a change of scenery. The vocal powerhouse is packing her bags and heading to Sin City for her first-ever Las Vegas residency.

"I've been culminating this for a long time, so I'm really, really excited for everyone to enjoy this experience," Xtina told Ellen Degeneres in a recent interview.



The Grammy winner takes to Instagram to explain her new show, The Xperience as "...a multi-sensory escape to a world of magic and total freedom."

So, if you spent this past Valentine's Day solo -- don't sweat it. You can always commit to some ink, a pig, or a change of scenery at any time!

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