The United States women’s national soccer team’s incredible victory at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final captured the attention of fans across the country, including our favorite celebrities!

Celebrities immediately took to Twitter, and responses both celebrated the groundbreaking win and demanded equal pay for the women’s team.

Ellen DeGeneres called the team “the best of what our country represents” and invited them to be guests on The Ellen Show!

Actress Charlize Theron tweeted that the athletes have rightfully earned their incredible success, adding that they also deserve equal pay.

Finally, former First Lady Michelle Obama called the team “an inspiration for us all”!

The USWNT has been consistently vocal about gender equality and pay equality. Throughout the tournament, the team and supporters alike have advocated for female players to receive equal pay.

The American team defeated The Netherlands 2-0 on Sunday in Lyon, France. The USWNT now boasts a record-breaking four World Cup trophies in total, and this is the team’s second consecutive World Cup win!