If you're a basketball fan, and you don't love March Madness, I don't really know what to say to you. I'm more of an NBA person, but I spend February catching myself up in time for the tourney. If you do love March Madness, some of your favorite celebrities may be like minded individuals.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus - Northwestern Wildcats

The Seinfeld legend and star of the award winning HBO comedy Veep is one of the most respected comedic actors in the world, and as if that wasn't good enough, she's also a Northwestern alum.

In fact, the Dreyfus blood runs deep in the Wildcats, because her son Charlie Hall was a walk on to the Northwestern basketball team!

During her son's collegiate run, you could catch Julia and her husband Brad Hall cheering for Charlie in the stands.

Lil Jon - UNLV Rebels

The man who made millions based on his mastery of getting low and screaming YEAH is also a huge college basketball fan!

Lil Jon can be caught on the Runnin' Rebels sideline from time to time giving what I can only assume is the best cheering on Earth.

Matthew McConaughey - Texas Longhorns

McConaughey is unapologetically Texan, and now it's a straight up job. Seriously. The man himself is now the official Minister of Culture for the Texas Longhorns. The other celebrities here may love their teams more, we don't know, but no one else is on payroll.

Kid Rock - Michigan State Spartans

I'll tell you who's upset about last night's game, it's Kid Rock, who's been representing the Spartans on the sideline for years, and will be for years to come.

Justin Timberlake - Memphis Tigers

The Memphis Tigers have been a mainstay in the college basketball world for years, with top 5 NBA picks like Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans (eesh), and last year's #2 overall pick James Wiseman.

But they've got star power on and off the court, with the Memphis native showing out for his Tigers on multiple occasions.

Jon Hamm - Missouri Tigers

The Mad Men star known for making straight men swoon is a St. Louis native and a huge fan of his local Missouri Tigers. They may not be having too much tourney success at this moment, but with Don Draper on the sidelines, anything is possible.

Ashley Judd - Kentucky Wildcats

It's hard to pick a better team than Kentucky to support, they're one of the more consistently great teams in recent history, with a recruiting class history so deep it could take up this whole article.

Ashley Judd might not be the biggest name on this list, but she's definitely the biggest fan. She's been a vocal supporter, on the sidelines and on Twitter, for a very long time.

Rob Riggle - Kansas Jayhawks

Rob Riggle is a lot of things. A former Marine, a stand up comedian, an actor, and Kansas Jayhawks fan. He's been repping Kansas forever, as a Chief, a Jayhawk, or a Royal.

Jennifer Lawrence - Louisville Cardinals

The Oscar winning actress famous for her celebrity friendships and lack of balance is a native of Louisville, and she loves to show out for her Cardinals!

Ashton Kutcher - Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa's golden boy Ashton Kutcher is an incredibly accomplished human being, from marrying Mila Kunis to being a business mogul to being, of course, a great actor. But Ashton needs to go home sometimes, as everyone does, and see his Hawkeyes do their thing!

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