Tyra Banks

Look no further than below to find out which celebrities have a birthday today, Dec. 4th!

Marisa Tomei, Actress, 56

Tomei is known for iconic roles in My Cousin Vinny, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and The King of Staten Island!

Jay-Z, Musician, 51

Jay-Z is widely known for his influential rap career. He has also served as the President of Def Jam Recordings, as well as launched Roc Nation Sports!

Tyra Banks, Actress and Model, 47

Tyra Banks known for her modeling career, as well as hosting the hit reality TV show America's Next Top Model is now hosting Dancing With the Stars!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Reality Star, 35

Ronnie Magro is best known as of eight members in MTV's iconic reality series Jersey Shore.

Jeff Bridges, Actor, 71

Bridges is known for some of the most iconic movie roles ranging from The Big Lebowski to Iron Man and The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Fred Armisen, Actor, 54

Fred Armisen, best known as a former Saturday Night Live cast member has also starred in many comedy films and television shows. Some of these include Portlandia, Forever, and Big Mouth.

Tony Todd, Actor, 66

Todd is known for his roles in the Final Destination films, as well as Candyman.

We are wishing these stars and many more a very happy birthday today!

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Bernie Sanders

As Bernie Sanders sat there on inauguration day looking like a dad who came to see your soccer game, he struck a chord with the heart of the internet, turning that image of him sitting there in those mittens into everything from Renaissance paintings to popular TV shows.


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