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From world class athletes to musicians, here the famous birthdays we are celebrating today!

Patrick Mahomes, NFL Player, 25

NFL MVP and Super bowl champion Patrick Mahomes just entered his fourth season for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Flo Rida, Rapper, 41

Floridian (obviously) rapper Flo Rida turns 41 today. Someone put on "My House" right now, please!

Narendra Modi, Politician, 70

Indian Prime Minister Narenra Modi is celebrating is 70th birthday today.

Alexander Ovenchkin, NHL Player, 35

At 35 years old, Washington Capitals player Alexander Ovenchkin is widely considered to be one the best players in recent memory.

Mia Talerico, Actress, 12

Disney Channel actress Mia Talerico is 12 today!

Nick Cordero, Actor, 1978-2020

The late Nick Cordero was known for his Broadway resume and kind heart. He passed away earlier this year due to complications from coronavirus.

Phil Jackson, Former NBA Player and Coach, 75

Basketball legend Phil Jackson is known his playing career with the New York Knicks and his 11 NBA championships as a coach for the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

Danielle Brooks, Actress, 31

Orange is the new Black star Danielle Brooks turns 31 today.

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