Sia - Chandelier (Live on SNL)

Sia brought some happy news on the first of July - she is becoming a grandmother!

How The Miracle Came To Be 

Page Six revealed that the singer is now a grandmother after her son welcomed two children to the world.

She revealed on Zane Lowe's Apple Music show on Tuesday:

"My youngest son just had two babies. I'm just immediately horrified. No, I'm cool. They call me Nana. I'm trying to get them to call me Lovey, like Kris [Jenner]. I'm like, 'Call me Lovey.'"

The History Behind The Decision 

Page Six went further to report that Sia revealed in May that she adopted two teenage boys out of the foster care system in 2019 due to them aging out. They are now 19 years old, and Sia revealed the decision making process she went through for the adoption:

"I'm a little bit jaded now after investigating the foster system as much as I have done in the last year. It's failing us. Not in my experience, in my sons' experience. They've been in 18 different locations in their 18 years."

Throughout the experience, Sia took the opportunity to teach her sons about race and privilege in light of what is going on today, saying:

"I'm embarrassed that it took me to adopt two black sons to really understand what they go through on a daily basis. I've very scared for my children. I love them very much. I've only experienced white privilege and I know that now. I am fully aware of how much I've experienced white privilege, and now I have these two black sons who tell me how it really is."
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