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Celebrity Hair Trends: What Is Edge-Layering?

Get to the bottom of Hollywood's latest hair trend.

Our lead hair expert, GLAMSQUAD'S Marcus Hoey explains the latest style trend to hit Hollywood: edge-layering!

Alicia Keys 

Check out Alicia Keys in her Vogue 73 Questions interview sporting some clean "S" waved edges. Edge-laying is styling of the hair around the hairline, with precision and attention to detail. This is a historic women of color hair styling technique dating back to the early 1920s. Edge styling has a degree of artistry by using waves and/or swirls. The face is immediately softened with a youthful appearance. Also note how the star is sporting some clean "S" waved edges.

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez posted on her instagram a curtain fringe inspired edge look.


H.E.R. was wearing swooped edges while performing "I Can't Breathe" on iHeartRadio.

Yara Shahidi

Lastly, Yara Shahidi posted a selfie with a more impactful and fuller edge styling. What's wonderful about edge-laying is that it has range and can constantly change with no commitment. One day you can be sporty and the next you can also add rhinestones or pearls to be glam. When using the right products and brush, your edge styling can last two, sometimes three days with proper care. I recommend the Kitsch Dual Edge Brush and Comb for creating your edge design, and the Göt2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel for long lasting hold.

GLAMSQUAD Lead Hair Educator Instagram: @marcushoeyhair

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