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Halloween is just over a week away! This means the clock is ticking for anyone who doesn't have a costume yet. We here at Celebrity Page TV are bringing you ten of the best celeb costumes ideas you can put together at home.

Everyone will be sure to guess which star you're dressed as!

Ariana Grande

Comfy and warm for the body, though a bit painful for the scalp. All you need to be Ariana Grande for Halloween is a giant hoodie, knee high boots, and that signature high ponytail. Don't be afraid to be a "Dangerous Woman" for a night.

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri has been a popular costume for years. Recreate the icon's look with chunky sunglasses, a visor, a shirt with flames and the infamous goatee.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has stepped up her style in 2020 and Halloween should reflect that. Find a cheap mullet wig, and pair it with a sleek, black look and silver jewelry to recreate her performance looks from this year.

Post Malone

Got any eyeliner? Mark Post Malone's face tattoos with some makeup and grab a leather jacket. This is one look everyone will be able to point out.

Emma Chamberlain

What are you drinking for Halloween? Emma Chamberlain hopes its Chamberlain Coffee. Put on some Gucci shades, a colorful outfit, and carry arund and almond milk latte in honor of the youtuber. Chapstick and anything Loui Vuitton would be in good spirit as well.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd showed up for MTV's Video Music Award in this mysterious getup. You can do the same with some fake blood and a deep red blazer.

"Folklore" Taylor Swift

For those in the wintery states, this costume would offer a lot of warmth. Pair a blonde wig, some bangs, and a woodsy dress and jacket to be Taylor Swift from the cover of her most recent album , "Folklore."

Young Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's latest music video featured Jacob Tremblay as a young version of Bieber himself. The outfit is surprisingly simple and very recognizable. White denim and a purple hoodie can later be incorporated into your regular wardrobe as well.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian continues to evolve in her style even as she reaches 40 years old. This year, the beauty brand owner was most commonly seen with side bangs and a structured corset top over utility pants.

The Rock

An absolute classic, and possibly the easiest costume to do. Even Kevin Hart has paired a turtleneck, chain, and fanny pack to get into the spirit.

Which celebrity will inspire your Halloween costume for 2020?! We wanna know!

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