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Relationships can be hard and while under the spotlight they could only get harder. Today, US Weekly correspondent Christina Garibaldi is talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship after revealing their miscarriage story along with Ryan Reynolds and his 8 year marriage to Blake Lively.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

In an op-ed published just two weeks ago to The New York Times, Meghan told her story of when she had a miscarriage over the summer. Christina Garibaldi explains that over these hard times, the couple have received lots of support from their family:

"A source tells us that for Meghan and Harry the miscarriage was absolutely devastating and that they still struggle to even think about it. Now, they are focusing on moving forward and they're getting help and support from their families. We hear that Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince William have all reached out to lend their support. And despite the brothers being at odds for several months, William hates the idea of Harry suffering and he really feels for him."

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have been married since 2012 and they are now a family of five, with three daughters. With their top priority being their children, Garibaldi says that their marriage has never been stronger! She explains that according to sources:

"They enjoy being parents more than anything. And while the couple have been hunkering down in their Bedford, New York home due to the pandemic, they are starting to work a little bit more and talking about baby number four. A source tells us as much as Ryan loves being a dad to three girls, I'm sure he'd love to add a little boy into the mix."

These two couples are doing their best during the bad and the good. Read all that and more in the latest issue of US Weekly.

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