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Filled with fun viral videos, TBS aired the second episode of Celebrity Show-Off last night. Even Tori Spelling joined in on the fun! Here's a recap of the episode.

A TORI-FIC Wedding 

Tori Spelling is an ordained minister and in her video "Holy Ma-Tori-Mony" Spelling hosted a virtual wedding celebration! The couple were displayed as mannequin heads on iPads for the ceremony and it also included a donut wall and desserts. Virtual guests included a surprise appearance by Joey McIntyre of New Kids On The Block and singer Debbie Gibson.

Kevin Smith Episodic Sitcom Continues

Kevin Smith's sitcom Son-In-Lockdown continued with the Smith's daughter and her boyfriend. Smith tried to get the boyfriend to step outside of the house so he would be quarantined elsewhere for 14 days.

Bella’s High Class Art

Bella Thorne's video "High Art With Bella Thorne" involved Thorne, her sister and a friend smoking pot and messing with makeup, recreating paintings of Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

Jason’s Epic Cat Trap

Jason Mraz built a trap using household items for his video "Mragical Ranch: Not Kitten Around" to save his singing songbirds from his cat.

Rule Tackles The Internet’s Viral Challenges

Ja Rule's video "Rule Defeats The Internet" did not disappoint. Rule took on the internet's crazy challenges including "Jump Into Pants", "Escape Duct Tape" and the "Exploding Watermelon". To say the least, Rule did succeed!

Another celebrity was cancelled! Spelling, Mraz, and Smith voted to save Thorne or Rule. Thorne was eliminated, donating her winning money to Feeding America.

Who Can We See Next? 

Next week, songwriter, record producer and DJ Diplo will join the show, so be sure to check it out!

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