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A popular game show is getting a reboot with a very familiar face.

Back in 2006, Dylan Lane became the host of Chain Reaction, which is the game show that has players compete to form chains of words that make up a set of phrases.

Just a year later, Lane left the show to pursue his education and start a family.

Nearly 15 years later, Lane is making a comeback as host of the popular GSN show!

"The game show is so much fun and I realized, I really enjoyed it 14 years ago. It's something I really had been missing from my life," Lane said.

Game shows have had an uptick in popularity in recent years, and when we asked Lane his thoughts on the why.

"I think they're fun, and they're fun for a broad range of folks," he continued, "from older to younger kids, everybody can play along. It could be you one day on the game show winning the money if you're good at making chains of words!"

Don't miss Chain Reaction on the Game Show Network.

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