Chance The Rapper

After having to cancel several gigs amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Chance The Rapper will finally be able to give a performance to his fans tonight - but not in the normal way.

Chance The Rapper is doing a virtual performance at a pre-recorded live set at Ralph Lauren's main store in Chicago, which happens to be Chance's hometown.

Chance fans and viewers will be able to tune in tonight, September 14th, at 9 PM EST on both Chance's and Ralph Lauren's social medias.

The performance also introduces Ralph Lauren's new partnership with Snapchat - and will also bring a new digital experience to the social media platform with a 12-look digital wardrobe that users can use on their Bitmojis.

Since there will be no live audience, Chance The Rapper said he will be playing a less-popular set of songs that will bring him and the viewer closer to his music.

Usually ,when you do a short set of five or six songs, you want to steer towards the more popular songs so everybody feels included. But because the Ralph Lauren store is so nostalgic to me and so intimate as I'm literally playing in an empty, quiet store, I wanted to tone it down and play some songs I'm not used to playing."

For more information about the concert, viewers can look on Chance The Rapper's link in bio on Instagram.

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