Many films and television productions had to halt when the coronavirus pandemic started, and even films that had finished shooting have pushed their release dates due to hesitations about returning to theaters. In turn, others have moved forwards. Here's a list of some of the biggest changes.

'The Batman'

Original Date: October 1, 2021

Current Date: March 4, 2022


Original Date: December 18, 2020

Current Date: October 1, 2021

'West Side Story'

Vanity Fair

Original Date: December 10, 2021

Current Date: December 18, 2020

'The Matrix 4'

Original Date: April 1, 2022

Current Date: December 22, 2021

'The Flash'

Original Date: June 3, 2022

Current Date: November 4, 2022

'Black Widow'

Original Date: November 6, 2020

Current Date: May 7, 2021

'Wonder Woman 1984'

Original Date: June 2020

Current Date: December 25, 2020


Original Date: February 12, 2021

Current Date: November 5, 2021

'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings'


Original Date: May 7, 2021

Current Date: July 9, 2021

'Deep Water'

Original Date: November 13, 2020

Current Date: August 13, 2021

'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'

Original Date: July 10, 2020

Current Date: March 5, 2021

'No Time to Die'

Original Date: April 2020

Current Date: April 2, 2021

'A Quiet Place II'

Original Date: March 2020

Current Date: April 23, 2021

'Godzilla vs. Kong'

Original Date: November 20, 2020

Current Date: May 21, 2021

'In the Heights'

Original Date: June 2020

Current Date: June 18, 2021

'Top Gun: Maverick'

Original Date: June 2020

Current Date: July 2, 2021

'Minions: The Rise of Gru'

Original Date: July 3, 2020

Current Date: July 2, 2021

Jurassic World 3: Dominion

Original Date: June 11, 2021

Current Date: June 10, 2022

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