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Five Celebs Who Definitely Made Santa's Nice List

None of these stars are getting coal for Christmas...

Christmas is right around the corner which means Santa is making his list and checking it twice! Here's just a few celebs who have made our nice list for their commitment to activism...

Selena Gomez, 28

Selena Gomez had a big year both in her career and work outside from the spotlight. Along with the highly anticipated release of her album "Rare", the singer and actress was most recently named one of People Magazine's "People of the Year." As one of the most followed people on Instagram, her platform reaches far and wide which is why she handed it over to BLM co-creator Alicia Garza and Black Trans Circles founder Raquel Willis following the unveiling of nation-wide police brutality.

She has also used her platform to raise money and spread awareness about issues personal to her. Gomez has long struggled with mental illness and wishes to advocate for better mental health care while while still behaving in a healthy way online. Depression and anxiety are two things that have felt unavoidable for the artist. In part as a celebration of the launch of her inclusive beauty brand Rare Beauty, the new business owner has pledged to raise over $100 million dollars for mental health resources in disadvantaged communities. Gomez has pledged to reach that goal within ten years.

Lizzo, 32

Lizzo not only sings her heart out, she owns up to every part of her body while doing it. Though the singer did not release any new music for 2020, she still made a lasting impact through her social media presence. Most prominently, Lizzo has been a powerful activist for body positivity and self love. Just as she sings, "feeling good as hell" she encourages her followers to do the same. Just one scroll through her Instagram page will show you all the confidence you need to love your body. No matter the shape, size, or color...Lizzo demands you be celebrated.

Lizzo also continues to amplify Black voices through her advocacy of the Black Lives Matter movement. Throughout the year, she has on many occasions broadcasted her thoughts and feelings through lengthy videos posted to Instagram. She further reminded her followers how important voting was to the BLM movement. She even set up her own text line to get people registered to vote.

Ariana Grande, 27

Ariana Grande is one pop star who has never been afraid to show up and show out at public events to support the causes she cares about. Back in 2018 the 'Positions' singer performed at the "March For Our Lives" protest to end gun violence. Grande was also spotted among the crowds marching for the Black Lives Matter during its resurgence over the summer.

What Ariana has done better than most though, is encouraging young people to register to vote. By teaming up with the organization HeadCount for her "Sweetener" tour, Grande made history by breaking the record for most voter registrations for the company. In total, she helped over 33,000 people register to vote. She also used her Instagram platform to regularly update poll dates, locations, and updates preceding the election.

Elton John, 73

Elton John has long been known as one of the most generous stars on the walk of fame. The singer had a big year even without touring. His new disc set was recently released and included original song demos of some of his most infamous hits.

As one of the first openly gay men to reach his level of fame in the music industry, Elton has always taken the opportunity to give back and support the next generations of the queer community. Throughout his career he has donated over $38 million dollars to various charities and organizations. Just this spring, Elton John made a one million dollar donation to the AIDS Foundation's Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

Harry Styles, 26

Harry Styles very recently found himself in the middle of a very public debate about gender and self expression. The three time Grammy nominated singer made history in December posing as the first solo male cover of Vogue. The magazine featured a spread of photos which included Styles wearing gender fluid clothing and most notably- a dress.

Political commentator Candace Owens called the spread a disgrace and began the argument that men are becoming feminized for popularity. The singer broke his silence on the matter by reposting her quote "Bring back manly men." with a photo of him in an androgynous suit. His spread was an encouraging collection that reminded readers what men could look like through their own expression.

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