Ready for a new house makeover? Cheap Old Houses on HGTV has got you covered!

What started as an Instagram feed has now become a new series on HGTV!

The talented young duo behind the phenomenon, Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein, opened up on the inspiration behind their new show, Cheap Old Houses.

"This started as our personal obsession. So we started a feed, we called it what it was, 'Cheap, Old Houses,' and we just started throwing these out to people who we knew would appreciate them," Elizabeth Finkelstein said.

The Instagram feed quickly became a big hit, with now over 1.6 million followers. This led the couple to link their website to the social media account, where the fun continues to draw in new and old fans alike.

"It's honestly spiraled way out of control. We know over a hundred people who have purchased houses off of this feed," Elizabeth said.

In the new series, Ethan and Elizabeth travel across the country to find architecturally old houses that are available for $150,000 or below. Now, fans go behind-the-scenes and see how this creative couple finds the homes across the country that they post about on their site.

"HGTV called and they're like 'We've got to make this a show,' and we were like, 'Please, can we help these historic buildings find the right owners that are going to love on them, and really restore them to their former glory," Ethan said.

The show not only features HGTV-style makeovers, but the stories behind these unique properties as well.

"If you're a person who loves to watch HGTV for house reveals, you're going to get three of them in each episode. So it's inspiring, it's educational, and it's wholly satisfying if you're a real before-and-after type," Elizabeth said.

You can watch Cheap Old Houses starting Monday, August 9th on HGTV.

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