It's been a jam-packed week for Marvel, as the company just dropped their new docu-series Marvel 616 on Disney+, as well as their newest movie The New Mutants on Blu-Ray and digital. In this exclusive segment (above), the cast talks about the deep bond that they formed with each other while making the film.

Maisie Williams spoke about her co-star Blu Hunt:

"Blu has been amazing fun because I love making her laugh. I like making her laugh during a take as well - it's like a little competition, like, who can be the funniest but not laugh."

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Illyana in the film, and she shared her love for Maisie:

"Maisie's such a good actress, she's awesome. She's also really really funny and coming from a Game of Thrones background - she knows how to be herself and then switch into character which I love because if you're spending all day as the character in your head, it just gets a bit depressing after a while and so if you can have fun prior to filming and then you can film and then you can have fun again, it's all good."

She also talks about Henry Zaga, who plays Roberto:

"Henry's just so much fun, he's so funny and he works really really hard, like you have a group of really hard-working young actors and so it's really nice to be a part of that environment."

Make sure to watch The New Mutants available on DVD and digital now.

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