An underground female fight club comes to light in the new Paul Leyden directed film, Chick Fight. Co-stars Dulcé Sloan and Fortune Feimster give us an inside look on the movie, which premieres this Friday.

Female Empowerment and Self Realization

Chick Fight follows Anna Wyncomb (Malin Akerman) who discovers the female fight club and finds herself really connecting to the club. The Daily Show comedian Dulcé Sloan, who plays the role of Charleen, tells us about the main character's journey:

"She just needs a kick in her own butt to realize the power she has in herself and the ability she has to change her own life."

Sloan also goes on to say that its not all sucker-punches. She explains the film's major themes:

"I think at the the end of the day, this is just a movie, not only about female empowerment, but kind of self-realizing and self-actualization."

An Exuberant Cast

Comedian Fortune Feimster, who plays Bear in the film, commends the strong women in the cast, saying:

"These women that are in the movie fighting are -I would put my money on them over most men any day 'cause they were kicking major butt."

While the movie has a few stunt-doubles, the cast is mostly recognizable. Bella Thorne plays the role of Olivia, Alec Baldwin is Jack Murphy, Julie Michaels as Mary, Kevin Connolly plays the role of Dr. Roy, while Kevin Nash is Ed. Dulcé Sloan says that she appreciates the diversity of the cast:

"I like the fact that, you know, we have people of different backgrounds, people of different sexualities in the movie."

Fortune Feimster Is a Newlywed

Chick Fight's own, Fortune Feimster recently tied the knot this fall. She and Jacquelyn Smith said their vows after being together for five-and-a-half-years. Feimster talks about how the couple felt after the post-wedding:

"It felt like business as usual coming back to our house after getting married, but no, we were very happy."

See both Dulcé Sloan and Fortune Feimster in Chick Fight, out now in some theaters and on demand.

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