Chloë Grace Moretz Finds Real-Life Friendship on the 'Greta' Set

Chloë Grace Moretz continues to make headlines with her powerful roles and performances, and now she's stepping up in her new film, Greta!

CP correspondent Arthur Kade caught up with Moretz at the New York premiere of the film, where the actress spoke highly of her costar Isabelle Huppert:

"Isabelle is such an icon, and I felt really lucky to be able to work with her and do this movie with her."

On her on-set relationship with the veteran actress, Moretz shared with Arthur:

"It was really wonderful for me to see someone who, as iconic as she is, she really treated me as an equal, and we really became confidants in each other, and true friends."

The film's director Neil Jordan, who was also in attendance, spoke to Arthur about the dynamic between the two actresses in the film:

"Chloe plays an American innocent, Isabelle plays a European sophisticated woman full of guile."

What does the director hope viewers take away from the movie?

"I hope they have fun, most of all," Jordan says. "It's about the absurd and grotesque lengths somebody will go to to keep a friend, really. To keep somebody in their life.

You can make friends with Greta in theaters now.

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Wikimedia; Flickr

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