Chris Pine Stars in Outlaw King for Netflix

Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith went all the way to scenic Scotland to get the scoop on the new Netflix movie from its stars, Chris Pine and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In this historic David vs. Goliath story, Pine plays Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. He faces insurmountable odds in the fight for Scotland's freedom.

Real chain mail, horses, re-enactors, two weeks in the mud, all for 10 minutes of epic battle. Pine and Johnson described the brutal process and what it takes to re-create something so gruesome.

"It’s a great thing when you go behind the scenes of a film like that and you see the tent with all prop guys, all with severed heads, arms, blood bags …” - Chris Pine

When asked about the movies that inspired them toward this project, both stars were quick to name favorites.

“I think 'Braveheart' was definitely something I saw as a kid and thought ‘that was epically stunning.’” - Aaron Taylor-Johnson

“'Gladiator' for sure.” - Chris Pine

With all of that onscreen brutality, it might be surprising that Pine cited the day he delivered his speech as the most frightening day of filming.

Naturally, that comes from unavoidable comparisons to the ‘freedom’ speech in Braveheart. As a result, Pine instinctively knew not to compete, but to go in a completely different direction.

You can join the fight with the Outlaw King starting November 9th on Netflix!

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