Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Model, TV personality, author, and all around bad-ass Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to social media and creating some buzz. Now, the star is taking on the gender reveal craze in a perfectly Chrissy way.

Currently on two-week bed rest, Teigen took to Instagram to give fans an update on her pregnancy. While describing the complications she's facing, she accidentally revealed the baby's's a boy!

The 34-year-old shared that her and John Legend's baby boy is "really healthy" and "big." Teigen then realized what she did, letting out an "oops!"

In a time of wildfires caused by gender reveals, Teigen's (accidental) take on sharing her baby boy news with the world is all we could ever want. The star went on say as per the Daily Mail:

"Oops! I'm stupid...anyway...It's growing beautifully, everything's good. I'm feeling really good, but my placenta's really, really weak, and it's causing me to really bleed a lot. Basically it's just pretty high-risk and, you know, it's just this poor thing has been through so much already."

Regardless of how the news broke, we're so excited for Teigen and Legend as they continue to grow their family.

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