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Roxie Hart is back in a big way.

Christie Brinkley is back on the stage, reprising her role as Roxie Hart for the national tour of Chicago The Musical. The star sat down with correspondent Rachel Smith in Las Vegas to talk about taking on the iconic role and reliving the best moments of her career!

Brinkley wowed audiences in 2010 when she played Roxie Hart for the first time. Her performance in the role ultimately earned her a Tony Award, and she is not done yet with Roxie! 

"The first time they asked me to do it 8 years ago, I almost fell over. I almost thought the offer came to me by accident." 

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Since then, Christie Brinkley has become an icon in the theatrical world, being brought back for multiple reprisals of the character since her debut.

Apart of the national tour, Chicago the Musical will be headlining at The Venetian Resort on the Vegas Strip April 10th-April 14th. Brinkley describes what it what like to see her name in the bright Las Vegas lights to Rachel,

"I came around the corner, and there I was on the marquee on the strip. I got this flood of emotion that came over me. My whole life sort of scrolled by because it was like ‘how did I get here."

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Brinkley continued,

"I realized it was actually some of the worst things I’ve been through that made me pick myself up and have the courage to do something challenging."

Brinkley and Chicago The Musical will be in Phoenix and Las Vegas before coming back to Broadway on April 18th for a four-week run. Make sure to catch the tour before it's too late!

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