Inside Look at Christina Aguilera's The Xperience

Stars are always creating fabulous new Las Vegas residencies with over-the-top performances, and Christina Aguilera does not fall short of that description. Our Sean McAllister is talking with Xtina about her Las Vegas residency and what it is was like growing up in the spotlight.

Xtina is a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil shows, so she pulled a lot of inspiration from them for The Xperience. She hopes her show will give people the chance to take a break from their everyday lives.

“I really wanted to tap into people’s hearts and give them a moment to have a safe space, to just not have to be on for anyone, just for a moment, getting a break from life," Xtina says.

Xtina performing in "The Xperience." PC: @xtina

Ultimately, she wants her fans to take off their mask because it is something that she has personally done, and has become a much better person because of it. She has been performing since she was 7 years old and people are constantly telling her who to be, how to look, and how to be better.

“Whenever I got my foot in the door, I did my first record, I just still felt like I wasn’t truly tapping into the messages that I wanted to provide for people and to share. That’s when I took a mask off and recorded Stripped, which was all about unmasking."

That unmasking must have helped because Stripped gave us amazing hits such as Beautiful, Stronger, and Fighter.

“Just being who I needed to be as a woman.”

The Xperience is playing at Planet Hollywood and tickets are available now!

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