'Christmas vs. The Walters' Kicks Off The Holidays With Humor | Celebrity Page

This new holiday film is hilariously tackling family drama during the holidays!

Christmas vs. The Walters stars Shawnee Smith and Dean Winters as a married couple struggling to keep the family together for the holidays, with a third baby on the way.

"We have the pressure of Christmas, and it's supposed to be meaningful, and you're supposed to have the right dishes, and the right, you know, foods to put in them, and everyone's supposed to be happy and together and none of that's happening here. Everyone's coming but my husband's going, work is pulling him away at the time I needed him the most. It's unraveling, I'm trying to do it all perfect," Shawnee Smith said.

Dean Winters also opened up on his character's perspective while dealing with a chaotic Christmas.

"I take an ill-advised business trip during my wife's time in need and my family's time in need and it backfires. So this has been the lightest character that I've ever played but I did get one moment of darkness," Winters said.

Christmas vs. The Walters is now in theaters and will be available on demand starting November 26th.

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