Cirque Du Soleil is giving back in a very unique way.

On The Giving Carpet, it's not about what you're wearing, it's about what you're giving! Cirque Du Soleil is back with the One Drop Foundation to put on their 7th annual One Night for One Drop event in Las Vegas. The event aims to raise money and awareness for clean water issues around the world. One Night for One Drop brings together a wide range of performers in true vaudevillian fashion to put on a one time only experience.

Photo Courtesy of The Independent.

Successful film and TV composer Hanz Zimmer provided the music for this year's event, and had this to say about donating his time to the event.

"It's an incredible honor for me because I am, number one, such a fan of the whole Cirque Du Soleil thing. What they bring to it is so magical and so wonderful, the other part of course is the actual cause of the event [the water]."

Photo Courtesy of PRNewswire.

One Drop has been supported by a number of celebrities such as Nygel Lythgoe, Eve, Marie Osmand, and many more. Actor Jonathan Bennett spoke on the purpose behind the event, saying;

"There are so many people that go without clean water every year, and the fact that this organization comes together to help fix that is truly special."

Make sure to check out the event on CBS, and go to One Drop Foundation's website for more information on how you can get involved!

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