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For years, fans have watched Clint Harp create masterpieces on Fixer Upper. Now, he's hitting the highway for his new show Restoration Road!

Clint Harp is known for his impressive restoration skills on HGTV! Now, Discovery+ and Magnolia Network are putting the spotlight on the host in his brand new show.

"Can I tell people a story about a town, about a city, about a structure, and in doing so, can we learn more about people? Can we learn more about ourselves?"

The star also drew inspiration from another famous traveler... the late Anthony Bourdain.

"You learned about people through food. You learned about culture through food, and he was so good at telling those stories. If I could be half of one percent as good [at doing what] he did, that's a dream come true."

Clint is creating his new show for Chip and Joanna Gaines' new Magnolia Network, which is due to launch later this year. But, Clint didn't shy away from chatting about the highly-anticipated Fixer Upper reboot.

"Since you're asking, you know, they are in the process shooting 'Fixer Upper,' and I can say that my phone has rang, so, I can tell you that I'll be picking that call up every time, excited to make anything I can for them."

Check out a preview of Magnolia Network, streaming now on Discovery+. For more TV and streaming news, click here.

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