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A new home show is coming to HGTV!

From What Not To Wear to The Chew, Clinton Kelly has been giving us top-notch advice for almost two decades! Now, he's taking on a new series Self-Made Mansions. The show helps self-made millionaires find their dream homes.

In a recent interview, Kelly told us:

"I get to to come in and give them some advice because...I'm kind of self-made, myself."

But even though the show centers around millionaires, Kelly says many buyers are still worried about the payment. He said:

"A lot of people are afraid to spend the money. I'm like spend it! you might as well live in the house of your dreams."

And you might even recognize some of the millionaires! Some are well-known from their inventions or their appearances on Shark Tank! Kelly shared how being a part of Self-Made Mansion has inspired him:

After talking to these people, I was like- I think I should just invent something. I just want to invent something and like just do it just to see if it would take off.

You can catch Self Made Mansion Fridays on HGTV!

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